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Allied Healthcare gets engagement tonic

24 July 2018

Engagement technology specialist Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced a further win in the healthcare sector. One of the UK’s largest care providers, Allied Healthcare, will roll out the ESG’s engagement success platform to connect over 8000 colleagues across 80 branches.

Allied Healthcare get engagement success prescriptionAllied has been providing high quality and personalised care to individuals in their own home for over forty years. It is now keen to take advantage of new technology to further improve care delivery and believes one of the best ways of doing that is by investing in those who provide it.

It wants to provide stronger support to, and recognition of, its highly distributed and mobile teams of dedicated carers, experienced clinicians and specialist teams: priorities include opening up direct communications and messaging channels to individuals and teams, that can be managed centrally rather than having to be cascaded via branches, and be targeted more easily and cost-effectively. It is hoped that this will build deeper relationships between senior leadership and staff as well as providing slicker, richer occupational support on the ground.

Greater systemisation and enablement

Similarly, Allied is looking at how greater systemisation and enablement can lighten the load for heads office and branch staff and strip out inefficiencies, with colleagues able to do far more digitally.

Commenting on the project, Allied’s Group HR & Communications Director Judith-Anne Marriott said: 

“Communicating effectively with a widely dispersed workforce poses a significant challenge for us as a business, so it’s important to strengthen the link between all of our branch and Head Office teams and Carer Workforce.

Our initial focus will be on opening up improved, two-way lines of communication on a national, regional and local level through the app. We will be looking to ensure that our Leadership team is visible to our branch colleagues and that it is used as a positive tool to raise awareness around our employee rewards and career development opportunities.

Ultimately, we’ll be looking to significantly improve our employee engagement and satisfaction and the app will play a crucial part in our approach. We conducted extensive research to find the most-suitable application to support our HR strategy and Engage offered the best functionality, look and feel. The team have been open to developing the app to meet our specific needs and the support throughout has been excellent.”

ESG’s CEO Phil Wedgwood adds: “The health and social sector is seeing a wave of digital transformation and Allied has moved quickly to catch that wave. It’s committed to enabling, encouraging and empowering its people by connecting directly with individuals and bringing them together in stronger communities as well as closer to senior management. It’s a significant investment and a massive vote of confidence in the business and all its staff.”

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