Engagement set to go through roof at Marley

18 February 2020

Marley, the UK’s leading roof systems supplier, has gone live with Engage Solutions Group (ESG) as it embarks on a new colleague engagement strategy following its demerger from the parent Etex group. 

ESG has rolled out its market-leading Engagement Success Platform (ESP) across Marley’s eight office and production sites and 600 employees, half of whom are non-desked and lack corporate email.

All staff can now connect in real-time via the ESP smartphone app or desktop, with company news and key announcements collated in personal newsfeeds, a range of social media and messaging tools for one-to-one, one-to-many or group communication, and instant access to worker resources such as employee handbooks, QHSE policies and pension information.

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Marley’s Paul Marshall comments: “The new platform has allowed us to kill quite a few birds with one cost-effective stone. We needed our own intranet and internal communications capability following our move away from the group. The business itself has also seen a fair bit of change and coupled with the distributed, non-digital nature of a good part of our workforce, there was a level of disassociation and lack of engagement with the central business brand that we needed to address.

The executive team wanted to focus on building a strong Marley culture, to celebrate and support the great staff we have here, many of whom have decades of service behind them; and also to ensure we are putting in place the right tools to drive organisational and operational efficiencies. The senior buy-in and the championing of the project across the whole C suite has been critical in getting us to this point and seeding the ground for success.

Although still early days, we’re already seeing lots of momentum across news and social media channels, where we’re publishing a range of content – notices, achievements, events, charity efforts, all sorts - that is then getting liked and shared across the business by colleagues. The next step is to give users the option to make holiday requests via the app, which should get us to our target adoption rate of 80%.

From there, we have any number of routes we can take to exploit the breadth and depth of the platform, to embed engagement firmly within the organisation, and to deliver the best possible employee experience for everyone here.”

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