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Reshaping the client experience - the other side of cross-selling

By: Marketing
23 June 2020

In a recent blog, we highlighted law firms’ struggles with cross-referral or cross-selling - and how despite investments in CRM systems and change programs, matter one to matter two conversion rates still bumbled around at a sub 10% level. And as for going on and securing matters three, four and beyond, well…

In our video here, we demonstrated how our engagement solution’s ability to simply system-enable the cross-referral process – and take all the pressure off fee earners – can transform that conversion rate percentage. That's half the battle.

But there's the other half. Yes, it’s great for law firms to have – at last – a surefire mechanism for successful cross-referrals. But what does the law firm client get out of this? Indeed, do they even want to be sold to again as that ultimately is the critical factor?

There’ll be a few things in the mix, like price and outcome. But the real influencers are the long-term relationship and the service experience. Does my law firm really understand me and care about me beyond this current matter transaction? Is it anticipating my needs and adding value with its approach? Am I getting slick consumer-grade delivery that really stands out when compared with other law firms?

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