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Why you should unleash the power of the native mobile app

16 July 2020

Increased customer engagement and enhanced customer experience need more than a dedicated customer app – there needs to be a whole ‘owning the client’ strategy too to drive things forward. But that ...

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What’s in it for me?

08 July 2020

When organisations buy and implement employee engagement solutions, they’ll have a clear idea of what success looks like for them. Gains will be seen through the prism of operational, financial and ...

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Unlocking key worker engagement

01 July 2020

The last few months have been a stark reminder of the value of every single staff member within the NHS. And as hospital trusts refocus on their digital transformation agenda, we’re looking to help ...

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Reshaping the client experience - the other side of cross-selling

23 June 2020

In a recent blog, we highlighted law firms’ struggles with cross-referral or cross-selling - and how despite investments in CRM systems and change programs, matter one to matter two conversion rates ...

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Unlocking the secret of successful cross-selling in legal

17 June 2020

Successful cross-selling has long been the Holy Grail for law firms. For years vendors have been pushing CRM solutions, and consultants have been arguing for behavioural and operational change ...

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Remote Working - Coping, Psychological Health and Productivity

10 June 2020

With engagement rooted in psychology, ESG takes an active interest in research projects in and around the workplace and how workers are impacted by technology, events, trends etc. Remote working has ...

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TrustFord set to test drive latest engagement platform

18 June 2018

Engagement technology specialist Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has confirmed that the world’s largest dedicated Ford dealership, TrustFord, will be one of the early adopters of its enhanced engagement ...

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Engage Solutions builds for success with senior sales appointment

14 February 2018

Engage Solutions Group, the business technology specialists behind the world’s first engagement success platform, is continuing to build out its consultancy-led sales capability with the appointment ...

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Time to give the last rites to the annual employee survey

19 January 2018

The Annual Employee Survey…..At best a corporate OFSTED report…At worst a waste of money and a killer of belief

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And the winner might be…

20 December 2017

ESG is feeling very chuffed today. We’ve been confirmed as a finalist in the 2017 UK & European Employee Engagement Awards, going up against some stiff competition in the Employee Engagement Vendor ...

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