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Employee engagement has never looked this good

09 April 2021

As we move into an ever more fluid working world, connecting, communicating, supporting and engaging with every one of your employees has never been more important. The onus is on tools that can very ...

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Same old, same old - why future HR challenges will be familiar ones

30 March 2021

It doesn’t always pay to make predictions (Dec 2019 – “We’ll be in a global pandemic by Easter” wouldn’t have got much traction would it?) so perhaps we shouldn’t definitively pronounce on what the ...

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Employee experience - one to watch, says Gartner

24 March 2021

With Gartner tipping employee experience as a ‘one to watch’ category in 2021, now might be a good time to look at the ‘one to have’ employee app that’s transforming engagement and enablement, comms ...

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Iconic food brand Soreen selects ESG for digital transformation push

17 March 2021

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced the signing of one of the country’s most iconic food brands. Soreen, famed for its ‘squidgy’ malt loaf, is set to roll out ESG’s employee engagement app as ...

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Communities turning away from Big Tech

11 March 2021

An interesting article on the Beeb over the weekend –

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Alice is one!

29 January 2021

Hard to believe but Alice Millar has been at Engage for a year! The milestone was duly celebrated on our in-house app but we thought we'd go public on this one too! It’s been an odd year to join the ...

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Engagement has never looked so good

03 September 2020

If you’re out there promoting yourself as engagement specialists, then you really need to be able to back that up. Engage was first to market back in 2014 and ever since then we’ve been committed to ...

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Why you should unleash the power of the native mobile app

16 July 2020

Increased customer engagement and enhanced customer experience need more than a dedicated customer app – there needs to be a whole ‘owning the client’ strategy too to drive things forward. But that ...

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What’s in it for me?

08 July 2020

When organisations buy and implement employee engagement solutions, they’ll have a clear idea of what success looks like for them. Gains will be seen through the prism of operational, financial and ...

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Unlocking key worker engagement

01 July 2020

The last few months have been a stark reminder of the value of every single staff member within the NHS. And as hospital trusts refocus on their digital transformation agenda, we’re looking to help ...

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