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Destination Engage Serialisation - Part 3: Social media moves

26 July 2022

Earlier this year Engage CEO Phil Wedgwood released his book ‘Destination Engage’ – weaving the evolution of both engagement theory and practice with the company’s parallel development and his own ...

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More calm than chaos

27 June 2022

Don’t get me wrong, last week’s disruption caused by the rail strikes was a major pain for employers, employees, students, patients, indeed anyone who found their plans thrown up in the air by ...

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vocL launch speaks volumes for private digital spaces

25 January 2022

We’ve touched a few times recently on the growing trend amongst organisations to eschew public social media in favour of building their own private digital environments, creating and curating a safe ...

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Taking leave of social

25 November 2021

Back in March we published a blog commenting on a media story that some of the big content players on YouTube were tiring of the constraints of the platform and its overlords and were looking to ...

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A new year, the same catalysts for engagement tech?

22 January 2021

The recent lockdown announcement won’t have triggered the panicked response from business as it did in March – thought it probably prompted a few sighs of frustration as the slow return to normality ...

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Teams is still not the horse for the engagement course

16 December 2020

One of my abiding memories from the weeks after the March lockdown was the near universal acclaim for Microsoft Teams. I had a lot of meetings with exec teams across a range of sectors exploring the ...

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Supporting mental health in the workplace

21 May 2020

The current lockdown may have shone an even more intense spotlight on this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. But that shouldn't detract from the fact that mental health has been an issue a long ...

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What are we going to do today?

04 May 2020

I do love a good proverb and none sums up the last few weeks quite like ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. At every turn I’m seeing firms - who by their own admission had been toying with ...

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Action this day

17 April 2020

I’m definitely detecting a mood change. I’ve had a dozen or so conversations over the last 10 days and there’s definitely signs of people coming out of the ‘mad panic adjustment’ phase and, soberly ...

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Why you need more than Teams

01 April 2020

Before the Covid-19 crisis turned the world upside down, we were used to getting a degree of pushback from O365 users who had embraced Teams, or from other largely desked-based organisations who had ...

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