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Creative Carrie on MiMA 2021 shortlist

09 December 2020

We’re absolutely buzzing with the news that our creative lead Carrie Baldwinson has been shortlisted for the Made in Manchester Awards – MiMA 2021.  These recognise the best of Manchester’s young ...

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The art of engagement in the age of personalisation

01 December 2020

There was some interesting research from Google recently that looked at consumer behaviour around buying insurance, and what insurance in the digital age might look like.

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Apps are good...but pets are better

20 November 2020

Sometimes you have to give in gracefully. We know that our colleague app has been a great help over the past few months in keeping our clients’ workforces connected to their respective business and ...

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In the pink on National Kindness Day

13 November 2020

It’s National Kindness Day and we believe a little kindness goes a long way in the workplace. We thought we’d share something we do to reward hard work and dedication. Our suitably monikered ‘In the ...

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More to AR than fun filters

06 November 2020

Our digital effects team has been having a bit of fun lately with some cool AR filters for social. But there’s a serious side to it too because Engage is committed to championing the use of ...

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Getting Covid Connect-ed

21 October 2020

It’s dark times, and not because the clocks are due to go back at the end of the month. Right now it’s hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel – but we can try and makes things easier and ...

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Engage gets clinical with healthcare move

02 October 2020

In August Engage Solutions Group was selected as a supplier for the NHS Clinical Communications Tools framework.

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Insurers, go compare this

21 September 2020

There are always a lot of parallels to draw on in this game. The challenge of effective cross-selling and developing an enduring, value-maximising customer relationship that the legal sector is ...

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Engage shows mettle with major US contract win

17 September 2020

Engage Solutions Group, the engagement technology specialist, has announced details of a major contract win in the US. Merchants Metals, LLC one of North America’s largest manufacturers and ...

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Keeping it all together - 10 ways our employee app can help

10 September 2020

Working from home. Hybrid working. No-choice-but-to-come-in working. Plans to bring staff back. No plans to bring staff back. Split shifts, strict sanitising and no end in sight. It’s really tough.

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