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Engage supports Direct Line Group with unprecedented staff mobilisation

09 September 2020

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced details of another lockdown go-live. Less than a week after contract signing, insurance provider Direct Line Group (DLG) went live with ESG’s employee app ...

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Food manufacturer Symington’s gets taste for ESG

05 August 2020

Symington’s, the food manufacturer behind household brands including Chicken Tonight, Mugshot and Naked, has selected Engage Solutions Group (ESG) to help drive its three-year people transformation ...

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A pandemic wasn't in the plan...

17 July 2020

What do our clients want to get from Engage? We’ve just popped up three new case studies which capture the rationale in each case for rolling out the Engage colleague app. Interestingly, while all ...

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Engaging long-term on mental health

22 May 2020

With Mental Health Awareness Week drawing to a close, it’s worth a final sign-off to stress that come next week, and every week thereafter, mental health issues will still be with us, challenging ...

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Time to take your people with you

20 May 2020

With many organisations now focusing on the return and recovery phase, one thing is for certain: there’s never been a more critical time to take your people with you - to reach, connect, support and ...

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Return and recovery: 12 ways the Engage app can help

13 May 2020

Managing the return to work for many organisations is going to be a huge challenge on so many fronts – communications, logistics, health and safety, training, wellbeing. At the top of the needs list ...

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App-titude #3

30 April 2020

Sharing a quick progress report from Appreciate Group following the lockdown go-live of its Engage-powered Connect employee app.

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Video: Reaching and connecting in a socially distant world

29 April 2020

So we know that we're in this for a longer haul than originally expected. It's obvious that it's not just 'three months and we're done' although the planned reopening of Greggs stores gives that ...

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App-titude #2

20 April 2020

 “We’ve had some great feedback on the platform. Everyone has commented on how good it looks and how easy it is to use - think it’s definitely been a hit!”

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Set your customer engagement on the right course

16 April 2020

There are remarkable efforts being made to get firms to a ‘business as usual’ state, and we’ve been supporting a number of those with our employee engagement technology.

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