B2B businesses looking to build customer engagement

14 December 2020

One of the trends we have seen in 2020 is a growing interest in customer engagement from B2B businesses. Take some of our clients in the building products manufacturing sector for example.

Like much of B2B, they have quite a diverse customer base – and that’s customers directly upstream, not necessarily the end user/consumer. So we’re talking typically of contractors, installers, specifiers, builders, architects, designers, consultants. They all need connecting to – they need technical support, customer service, product information, administrative help; they need tools that make their lives easier and make them look good with their own customers; they like being rewarded and valued; and they appreciate effort, innovation and customer centricity from their suppliers.   

A customer app is a great fit, because it can cover off all those angles, and adapt to any variances in persona types/needs. Being mobile-first also suits the operating style of most of those upstream, who are so often on or between sites, and need the resources with them, not back at base. To give you a better idea of how it all works in practice, hear from those who are already getting the benefit.

Check out our ‘B2B - What’s in it for me’ asset below