Engagement Success

Baking better engagement into the business

18 April 2018

Allied Milling & Baking, the company behind top 10 grocery brand Kingsmill, as well as Allinson’s, Burgen and Sunblest, has gone live with the market-leading Engage platform from Engage Solutions Group (ESG).

The company is keen to boost engagement across its two central offices, nine bakeries and three mills following a review that highlighted the challenges involved in maintaining regular contact with its significant non-desked workforce, including 1000 delivery drivers.

engage solutionsAllied’s Head of Engagement Vanessa Curran explains: “It became clear that our existing communications channels were marginalising many of our people who didn’t have company email addresses or regular access to our intranet. With the Engage app, we can redress that balance by sending both company-wide news as well as specific site and department updates straight to everyone’s smartphone.

The impact has been immediate: the stats are showing consistent and rapid consumption of the messages we’re putting out, and some general managers have already switched from their traditional newsletters to written blogs and video updates, finding there’s a natural consumer appetite for them.

We’ve also had some other encouraging quick wins in the first month. We used to have a paper-based Thank You card scheme but the cards never seemed to be at hand when you wanted one; now we have the equivalent facility in Engage and Thank Yous are pinging about amongst peers in ever-growing numbers. Being able to tap into this appreciation for great performance and see it socialised and recognised across the business is fantastic.

engage solutionsIn terms of extra functionality, we’ve plugged into our existing L&D system and are now rolling out essential training on the upcoming GDPR regulatory changes.

Our next step will be to actively seek feedback on the user experience and ask what else our people would like to see on the app. We’re also planning other key initiatives like employee surveys and driving usage of our fantastic benefits portal which we’ve built into the app.

The potential is enormous and the fact that we can take the basic solution and then curate our own extended platform at our pace is exciting and empowering. We’re looking forward to continuing our journey with ESG and baking better engagement into the business.”

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