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Building practical frameworks for engagement success

12 June 2018

If you google ‘pillars of employee engagement’ you’ll very quickly discover that no-one can really agree on how many there are: I’ve seen every number from four to a round dozen. Worse, no-one can agree on what they are either.

It was an interesting exercise for my team at Engage Solutions to do just that because we were looking for a relatable, meaningful way of contextualising our offering. Ours is a unified platform that allows for multichannel engagement, weaving the more traditional tactics such as surveys and rewards into the fabric of broader organisational engagement ie where an organisation is in tune with its individuals, teams, departments, and sites and able to build a more joined-up, cohesive and functional operation as a result.

That platform has a number of core functional areas, with a variety of tools within. We got to that point by deciding on a number of engagement fundamentals - our pillars - and putting them at the heart of our solution, with each functional area mapping to a pillar. Now the particular pillars we chose are not some handy editorial construct, to be four one day, seven the next, nine the next, depending on what article we’re writing. We carefully selected five, all familiar, logical, relevant, highly complementary and capable of being embedded firmly within an organisation.

Collectively they offer up a really pragmatic framework - mirrored by our platform and toolsets - with which people can get to work, in their own way, at their own speed, on their engagement programs – with the focus on delivering on the ground from day one.

Engagement Success Platform

And immediate impact is what it’s all about. One of the reasons why we’re resting so heavily on the five pillars is that all of them offer the chance to improve things out of the gate. Too many engagement solutions and strategies offer the promise of positive outcomes - but only after months and months of data gathering and analytical insight, recommendation and sign-off, implementation and evaluation. That’s a long time waiting for improvement and payback; why can’t impact be immediate, why can’t you make a positive difference to both individual and organisation from go-live +1? 

So this is why we have zeroed in on the pillars we have, that’s why they are the central tenets that drive our solution development: results-driven engagement technology is surely the optimum basis for pragmatic engagement and maximum returns.

And why are we so convinced about the power and potential of communications, accessibility, enablement, recognition and feedback? Join me next time for the first in my Five Pillars blog series where I’ll be standing up each of our pillars for discussion.

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