Digital learning opens up path to engagement following Engage and Raise the Bar alliance

16 December 2019

Leading learning and development provider, Raise the Bar, has announced details of a strategic alliance with engagement technology specialist, Engage Solutions Group (ESG).

Raise the Bar will use ESG’s Engagement Success Platform to underpin the digital delivery of its learning programmes. As well as deploying mobile, on-demand video and written content, the app will also be able to build on Raise the Bar's unique use of AR (Augmented Reality) and other cutting edge technology.AR-RTB-ESGbig

The tie-up extends their digital offering and also adds value by giving clients the option to leverage extra functionality within the platform, as Raise the Bar founder Steve Smith explains:

“A modern day learning experience should support the learner both face to face and digitally and this partnership gives our learners access to the very best technology. While Engage is used to deploy content, there are plenty of other complementary functions, such as messaging and social media tools for collaboration and building a sense of community; pulse surveys that can gather feedback in real-time; self-service around requesting additional training; the ability to ask confidential questions or seek other professional help; the gamification of learning and development, with rewards and leader boards; and contact details and instant access to sponsors, mentors and subject matter experts.

“We’re excited because this is a unique tie-up, bringing the best in learning together with the best in engagement technology to offer a truly fresh, modern blended approach. And then there’s further opportunity to add value - the Engage platform can do so much more to support the colleague engagement lifecycle and drive the connectedness, communication and commitment that is a feature of the engaged organisation.”

Phil Wedgwood, ESG’s CEO, continues: “Learning and development is one of the common entry points for our users, but then they use the rest of the platform to power their onward engagement journey. We’ve focused on the engagement essentials – communications, nextgen intranet, self-service, recognition and feedback – and they're accessible via the app in the same way as the learning content. Extending usage of the app across the whole organisation, and beyond the initial training use case, offers Raise the Bar clients a very simple segue into the world of engagement and managing the colleague lifecycle efficiently and effectively.”

The two companies work from a similar philosophy and attitude in what they both stand for. They are both equally innovative in the way that they work, offering their audiences solutions that are different to anyone else. Both companies share the same principle in their differing businesses – engagement matters. Employees who are more engaged have higher levels of output, and Raise the Bar believes the same is true for the learners who are on their programmes. A more engaged learner will be more committed to their own development and will earn the rewards of this for themselves.

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