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Don't waste its potential

11 November 2019

It’s always refreshing to hear about a new use case for engagement technology. We have plenty of clients using our Engagement Success Platform (ESP) for the obvious things – the mobile-first intranet, the social media for business tools, recognition, surveys and Thank You cards and the like, those classic underpinnings of employee experience. But occasionally someone has a new take, a more visionary view if you like, and I thought I’d share the story.

We have a vehicle manufacturer client and they had already signed up to the platform to help them reconnect with, and to properly support, their non-desked workforce. The HR-led program was underway and gaining momentum, when we had some conversations with the COO.  He had devised a Lean Manufacturing-inspired waste strategy: it was the view of the board that waste reduction from its current level of 30% was considered essential if they were to achieve target profitability – which meant that failure in implementing the strategy was not an option. This was as serious a business initiative as there could be, something that called for a change of mindset and culture, a change of process, a change, in fact, at the most fundamental operational level.waste

We immediately offered up the platform as a success vehicle. We very quickly mapped out how and where the ESP could support the strategy, with the onus on equipping individuals and teams with the right knowledge, facilitating cooperation, incentivising contributions, and getting the whole company on board with the programme.  

We identified the following as quick wins:

  • Centrally held educational materials that were accessible to all but also propagated via blogs, vlogs and updates
  • Waste champions collaborating via message groups
  • Sharing progress and statistics through highly visual dashboards, with push alerts highlighting them as a ‘must read’
  • Video-based training program with Q&A to test understanding
  • League tables to highlight performance of different teams/sites
  • Surveys and suggestions, with staff being rewarded and recognised for participation and ideas
  • Analytics to continually measure message penetration, consumption of content, completion of training etc

This wasn’t just about kick-starting the strategy; it was about sustaining it across multiple touch points. And so it was that everyone got to hear about waste; and about the eight wastes that would make a difference. And what difference they could all make, as employees, if they fully embraced the strategy. It’s a work in progress but I’m reliably informed the figures are going in the right direction. And the platform is at the heart of it all – nothing being wasted there.

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