Engage gets clinical with healthcare move

02 October 2020

In August Engage Solutions Group was selected as a supplier for the NHS Clinical Communications Tools framework.

The framework was launched in a bid to help phase out outdated technology like pagers and accelerate the adoption of proven digital communication tools. There was a clear call to staff from the Secretary of State for Health to move to modern alternatives, such as mobile phones and apps, which are seen as delivering more secure two-way communications at a reduced cost.

With platforms like Engage, NHS Trusts have the ability to radically reshape their entire staff experience – starting with improving clinical and broader workplace comms and then bringing in all the scope and utility of a mobile-first intranet, self-service tools, surveying and polling features, online learning, training and supervision, rewards and benefits, and wellness support.

Engage Solutions Group CEO Phil Wedgwood believes that this is a low risk, low cost way for Trusts to rapidly tackle the challenges around staff retention and operational efficiency. “When NHSX was preparing the framework the narrative was very much geared to next generation dedicated communications and task management systems – specifically, their ability to save staff time by reducing the need to use the historic ‘bleep’ system or by sending emails.

“The Engage app, with its social media style newsfeed, secure messaging, and push notifications, is a proven player when it comes to transforming the ease, speed and security of communications. But we’re also giving Trusts the option to tap into the other functions that sit within the app, whenever they’re ready to go a bit further with their staff engagement journey.”

While the framework was in development before Covid, the intense pressures placed on the NHS plus the on-going effects of workplace restrictions have thrown a sharp lens on both near-term practical support and longer-term engagement and retention strategies. Now would be a good time to take a look at how Engage can help with both of those.



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