Engagement Success

Engagement Essentials Explained

22 July 2019

It's that time of year when people are making their holiday reading choices. But if you're carrying on working while others are off relaxing on a beach somewhere, then we have a book choice for you too. And if you've been looking to get to grips with the challenges around employee engagement, then this quick easy read should provide plenty of pointers.

Book coverFirst up, where do you start with engagement? How about with a framework on which you can hang an engagement strategy – and a platform and toolset that lets you execute it?

In Engagement Essentials Explained, Phil Wedgwood explores how success can be yours if you just commit to certain disciplines and doing them well.

These disciplines make up the ‘five pillars of engagement’, and together they provide a guiding framework for your plan of action. Phil talks about each pillar in turn and how its intelligent application can achieve critical gains and a proven ROI. 

He also introduces the Engagement Success Platform, built around the five pillars, and illustrates how its architecture and toolset can help you take your plan and make it happen. 

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