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ERIKS puts ESG at heart of new engagement strategy

13 June 2019

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced another win for its market-leading Engagement Success Platform. Industrial services specialist ERIKS has recently rolled out the technology to its 1800 staff across 200 locations in the UK and Ireland.

The deployment is the next stage in ERIKS’s employee engagement strategy, with the main aim being to connect every individual to everything they need in the workplace via a single ‘front door’ on their smartphone or tablet. The user app front end immediately overcomes the issue of over half the workforce not having regular access to email or a PC; it will also reduce the cascade burden on managers, who are currently tasked with much of the communications effort to non-desked and mobile colleagues.

For ERIKS’s Helen Hill, it’s all about universal digital adoption: “One of our longstanding frustrations has been that we have invested in many systems to better support our staff, from enewsletters to rewards portals, elearning hubs to online safety databases, suggestion boxes to confidential reporting lines. But they are largely siloed which forces people into multiple environments with different log-ins – frustrating enough if you’re sat at your desk, hopeless if you’re out in the field.
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What’s exciting about Engage is that at a stroke it puts real power in the pocket; we’re bringing everything together behind the app ‘front door’ and everyone can just log-in and take control, viewing, accessing and interacting with what they need to, when they want to. Not only is that hugely empowering for individuals, it’s hugely liberating for managers too, as Engage becomes the direct conduit between individuals and the organisation.

This step – this creation of a platform where we can bring everything together and serve it up instantly and effortlessly to everyone regardless of role or location – this is a very significant moment on our engagement journey. I know that many of my peers in HR are experiencing similar frustrations – you know you are doing all the right things but the effectiveness of those activities is always going to be compromised if you can’t reach out to everyone. Knowing that I now have that universal reach is exciting as it not only improves the efficacy of what I’m already doing, but also opens up a whole host of opportunities across internal comms, mobile HR, operational enablement, and employee experience.”

Phil Wedgwood, ESG's CEO, comments:

"ERIKS is a classic example of a firm that has all the right instincts and support systems but finds itself facing a very modern workplace challenge. It needs to get over the practical hurdles of disconnected applications and dispersed employees to achieve that seamless flow of efficient and effective communications and colleague support.

The ready to go toolset allows for the rapid addressing of today’s priorities, while the platform approach provides tomorrow’s opportunities for development and expansion: to integrate additional business systems and shift up through the gears to maximise engagement and the return on investment.”


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