Europe's leading digital investigation specialist selects ESG

By: Marketing
26 April 2021

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced a further win for its market-leading colleague app. CCL Solutions Group (CCL), one of Europe’s leading digital investigation specialists, is putting the app at the heart of a new people strategy in line with its continued commitment to Investors in People and wider ISO standards.

CCL is set to deploy both mobile and desktop versions of Engage to all 150 staff who are working in hybrid mode across homes, offices and labs. Companywide communication has been hugely reliant on email up to now, and CCL wants to capitalise on ESG’s social media style tools to switch up its internal comms and take engagement and experience to whole new levels.CCL digital forensic lab 1 copy

The app will also have an important part to play in on-going wellness provision. Many staff are exposed to very distressing images during their digital forensic investigation work, and CCL is keen to build on its mental health initiatives and Employee Assistance program and surface confidential support more readily.

In addition, there’s the opportunity to roll up a number of existing initiatives and systems into the one interface, complete with single sign-on; and to tap into app functions like surveys, suggestions, thank you cards and employee awards to encourage more feedback and recognition.

Sam Marklew, CCL’s Head of HR, sees the Engage colleague app as the perfect fit:

“It pretty much ticked every box for us. It will completely transform how we connect and interact with each other. It will enable us to do some of the things we were already doing but just better, quicker, easier. There are lots of features – new to us – that we can take advantage of, where previously we would have had to invest in multiple point solutions.

As Head of HR, how people feel about the company, their career, their colleagues, and above all themselves, that’s what keeps me awake at night. I see huge potential in Engage, not just for ushering in more tools, greater efficiencies and more convenience, but in helping us support, nurture and reward our people and to really live our corporate values.”

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