Exploring ESG’s employee app one ‘app-spect’ at a time – Mobile intranet

By: Marketing
13 April 2021

It’s a good time for organisations to be doubling down on employee engagement and experience efforts – which makes it a great time to take a closer look at the Engage employee app in all its infinite and transformative variety! It’s fully loaded with all your workforce and workplace essentials so let’s break it down for you with the second of five posts.

App-spect #2 – Mobile intranet (works for desktop too!)

What do you get out of the box?

Contact directory, policies and procedures, manuals and handbooks, health and safety, job opportunities, training materials, calendar, single sign-onMobile intranet

Key points to note:

  • Finally putting an end to unloved, static intranets through the delivery of a mobile-first intranet that gives employees instant access to ‘evergreen’ everything and everyone

  • An effortless digital means to enfranchise every single worker, regardless of location or shift pattern or company email, with no more reliance on manual processes to compensate for the previous analogue shortfall - the power is in the pocket!

  • Ability to reinforce key messaging around certain content or updates through the feed, aggregating everything in a ‘single source of truth’ hub

  • You can take advantage of endless integrations too, adding in additional line of business systems but having them all sit behind the Engage single sign-on front door

  • Whole ethos is creating employees’ definitive ‘go-to’ place, saving them time, improving flow of accurate, up-to-date resources, and generally promoting convenience and efficiency

Employee engagement has never looked this good  Watch video >>

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