Exploring ESG’s employee app one ‘app-spect’ at a time – Digital enablement and self-service

By: Marketing
14 April 2021

It’s a good time for organisations to be doubling down on employee engagement and experience efforts – which makes it a great time to take a closer look at the Engage employee app in all its infinite and transformative variety! It’s fully loaded with all your workforce and workplace essentials so let’s break it down for you with the third of five posts.

App-spect #3 – Digital enablement and self-service

What do you get out of the box?

Digital payslips, requests (eg holidays), workflows and forms (eg incident reporting), scheduler, onboardingscheduling-tool

Key points to note:

  • We’re shining a big light on user convenience and operational efficiency. We don’t want organisations hamstrung by old manual or analogue methods so we give you loads of process automation and self-service options.

  • This plays well with staff – they’re consumers too and they are used to, in fact almost expect self-service – the ease, speed and convenience of doing something there and then, with no other dependencies.

  • Look at improving key pinchpoints or stress points like onboarding procedures – let new starters run through a step-by-step onboarding course with mandatory read and optional testing functions. The same goes for training.

  • Target the costs and waste inherent in employees asking for information from or updating details via HR/admin/finance staff. Automation and self-service can do that job, leaving staff to focus on higher value work.

  • Use inbuilt forms to quickly build custom workflows - handling things like holiday requests – to support a more agile, cost-effective, digital-first approach

  • The handy scheduler tool is characteristic of an app packed with practical value, in this case for managing the post-Covid workplace – book your desk, meeting room or car park space

Employee engagement has never looked this good  Watch video >>

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