Exploring ESG’s employee app one ‘app-spect’ at a time – Culture and care

By: Marketing
15 April 2021

It’s a good time for organisations to be doubling down on employee engagement and experience efforts – which makes it a great time to take a closer look at the Engage employee app in all its infinite and transformative variety! It’s fully loaded with all your workforce and workplace essentials so let’s break it down for you with this, the fourth of a five post series.

App-spect #4 – Culture and care

What do you get out of the box?

Thank you cards, employee awards, wellness resources, benefits and incentives, special interest groups, charity initiatives

Key points to note:

  • Where some apps stop and hand you off to another platform, we keep going. Engagement has to extend to the whole reward piece, wellbeing, corporate social responsibility - all key levers for personal and group commitment
  • There’s a powerful peer-based or ‘democratised’ recognition layer where colleagues can freely acknowledge each other, in addition to formal ‘top down’ award schemes

  • We want to facilitate activities, groups and mechanisms that allow more people to contribute more - and to get more back! That way lie bigger personal dividends and stronger cultures

  • One of the biggest drivers in the modern workplace - providing all the confidential support and resources employees might need in terms of mental health, general wellness or equality and diversity

  • One for the checklist - all staff have equal access to an organisation’s perks and rewards through single sign-on integration of third-party specialist platforms

Employee engagement has never looked this good  Watch video >>

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