First look: Taking community engagement to the next level

By: Marketing
30 September 2021

We’re thrilled to be showcasing another of our engagement apps in our latest video – following on from colleague and customer, it’s the next C’s turn, community.


It comes at a particularly exciting and relevant time because there’s a clear sense that we are entering the age of the community app. Organisations are already kicking against the constraints of the Big Tech social platforms and opting instead for their own safe, flexible and engaging community spaces (

It’s part of consumers’ on-going re-evaluation of their relationships with the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as they become increasingly concerned with privacy issues, troubled by manipulative algorithms, annoyed by intrusive advertising and stressed by their endemic toxicity.

It’s this tide of disengagement that’s powering growth in the community app space. Every week we are having conversations about moving to a different sort of digital, as people move on from public networks in search of something better.

Have a watch and see just how having your own secure digital space can transform the energy, experience, enablement and engagement enjoyed by group members – and really make your community click.

Making your community click - Visit our community app page


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