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Getting Covid Connect-ed

21 October 2020

It’s dark times, and not because the clocks are due to go back at the end of the month. Right now it’s hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel – but we can try and makes things easier and alleviate some of the gloom.

Covid is obviously putting huge pressures on organisations and we wanted to offer something that could deliver real practicable value from day one. Our Covid Connect app draws on years of experience in the internal comms, mobile intranet and employee engagement space and the result? A simple but powerful means to manage the HR, operational and compliance challenges we’re all facing for the foreseeable.


Here’s what you need to know.

It’s an easy to use, good looking app – no training required. Everyone can download it to their Apple or Android devices the day the contract is signed. It’s designed as the ‘go-to’ workplace companion, accessible anytime, anyplace. It’s got all the essentials, none of the fluff. It’s a single product, sold on a single companywide licence basis. It’s secure, and supported with regular updates. This is a lot of help in a little app.

Covid Connect lets HR, operations and facilities teams stay in control, communicating in real-time with everyone regardless of location, and managing the practicalities of the Covid-secure workplace. It also empowers and enables every employee, letting them know what they need to know, do what they need to do, and get the information, help and support whenever and wherever it’s needed.

With Covid Connect you can:

  • Publish business updates and advisories in real-time
  • Channel relevant communications to different groups eg those at work, isolating
  • Pin critical information posts, so they stay visible
  • Push out urgent alerts and notifications
  • Provide one-touch access to key policies and procedures, with mandatory read function
  • Enable ‘Covid-free’ self-certification for return to work
  • Provide emergency contacts directory
  • Set up messaging channels for Q&As and help requests
  • Enable staff to schedule office visit slots
  • Help self-isolating staff manage their legal requirement to notify you when they start and finish
  • Survey staff on sentiment, well-being and decisions
  • Hub together useful government, NHS and third-party Covid resources
  • Review analytics to monitor engagement, compliance and behaviour
  • Maintain full audit trail of Covid-secure operations


Rob-Photo-1Want to get Covid Connect-ed? Book a demo and have a chat with Rob!