Guest blog: Lockdown learning - My mum may be ahead of you..!

21 April 2020

Steve Smith, director of leading learning and development company, Raise the Bar, joins our guest blogging team

I just about know what day it is, let alone how long we have been in lockdown but I thought I would share some thoughts on a couple of positives!

The whole process has taken me back to one of the first learning models I was introduced to, The Change Curve. 

For those that don’t know, this is the general cycle…Denial, blame, anger, depression, acceptance.  Many of us are now thankfully in acceptance, and that’s where this blog comes from as it’s relevant to the current crisis, but it’s been true of online learning for ever! 

Just look at the barriers that have been put in place over the years to stop adoption…

   “We don’t have access to the software”
   “I don’t have a webcam”
   “I can’t turn on the mic”
   “It’s too unstable”
   “I don’t know how to use it”
   “I don’t like it”
   “There’s no interaction”
   “Our policies prevent it”
   “We can’t access it through our firewall”
   “It’s not secure”
   “It’s with our I.T team for testing” (This is my personal favourite - get a bloody move on!! Right up there with “our people      
   don’t have a smart phone…” 😩)

Denial has been a theme even though we all knew online was here to stay. So what’s the positive?

Whether we like it or not we have been dragged round the curve to acceptance very quickly and all of the above excuses are no longer relevant. That’s great news. From pub quizzes to gigs, webinars to virtual meetings, inside and outside of the working environment we have all been forced to embrace it at speed and do the basic training. It’s become the norm!

So what are the implications? 

Well if you hear any of the excuses above now (and we still do) in your business… You are way behind the curve! My mum is ahead of you! The new way of working and learning is here so let’s get busy making it happen and making learning even better than we had before.


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