How Lincolnshire Co-op rose to the Covid challenge

By: Marketing
27 April 2021

Our employee app has done some sterling work over the past year in helping organisations manage their Covid response more effectively. We've had lots of anecdotal reports about how the app's ability to keep everyone connected to a real-time 'single source of truth' was crucial for information flow and operational continuity; and universal access to occupational resources like onboarding, digital payslips and holiday requests, and wellness support was invaluable for the newly working from homers.


Now we can share one client's real-world experience in this article first published by The Retail Bulletin. Lincolnshire Co-op's head of HR  Heather Lee discusses how its Engage-powered employee app was an essential means of communicating with colleagues across its trading area and assisting them through this unprecedented and hugely challenging period.


Employee engagement has never looked this good  Watch video >>


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