I'm ready, I think legal is too

27 November 2019

What an exciting world we live in!  The world of technology continues to develop with a real purpose and so I was delighted to have the opportunity to team up with former Rekoop/Intapp execs Phil Wedgwood and Phil Ashworth.

Phil W and I struck up a great business relationship when I was at Advanced Legal, developing a partnership strategy where we spent time serving joint clients, focusing on understanding their requirements and having the two organisations working together to fulfil deployment and roll-out.

Roll forward to my joining Thomson Reuters Elite as Sales Director for the EMEA region and the relationship was further strengthened as Rekoop merged into Intapp and we worked together on satisfying customer demands in a highly competitive market.

Over the past couple of years the Phils have stepped out into a different proposition and market.  Working in sectors including retail and manufacturing, they have developed a platform designed to make it easier to do engagement better: helping organisations connect and communicate, enable and empower, and deliver better experiences and support to both colleagues and customers.

PG own blogThe result, the Engagement Success Platform (ESP), has attracted interest from businesses seeking better ways to create, manage and measure engagement knowing that engaged people are typically more productive people.  The restrictions of the past, the software capability holding firms back, have been broken as the team has created a portable platform with consistent functionality across desktop, tablet and mobile - functionality that has been carefully built around the real engagement essentials, what we refer to as our ‘five pillars’.

Having successfully readied and deployed the solution into verticals often starved of mobile-first, business-focused platforms and applications, it is now being brought to the Legal and other Professional Services sectors. And that really excites me as this whole opportunity represents the intersection of  professional career and personal interest.

My passion for development, learning and applying the use of technology to assisting people in their day-to-day work lives has grown over a number of years.  Having established my own consultancy business prior to Advanced Legal, I focused on providing coaching, training and support to firms including Accountancy practices, and I saw first hand how often a lack of the right sort of technology thwarted effort and stifled ambition. Now it’s great to be heading a division of a company where we have the means to impact individual experience and organisational performance, and help firms to really help themselves.

We’ve already started talking to some of them in earnest, about the challenges, frustrations and the opportunities to significantly improve engagement via better technology, both internally and externally.

The feedback and insights gained thus far has been very educational!  I am confident that our mobile first, social-media enabled platform can and will make a difference. 

Focusing on our customers’ clients, I can already see that the ability to map and manage the client lifecycle, to drive engagement and deliver real added value is going to be hugely impactful as an example. Ditto when reaching back into the business, to support the individuals as they strive to generate greater levels of opportunities from the client base, just having that ability to map and manage such processes will help to differentiate the firms.

We are committing to undertake strategic reviews with key stakeholders in firms, to support the production of a business case, with measurable ROI, aligned to the culture, values and business objectives of the firms.  This is quite a commitment, one we are delighted to make.  One which I believe will make a real difference and will enable the successful scoping, deployment and roll-out of a solution that engages people together in a common cause.  Scalable globally,  with a roadmap for development driven by an expanding user community, the ESP is ready. I’m ready. And I suspect legal is ready too.

Learn more! Even if you're not ready but just mildly curious, feel free to email me or check out https://engagesolutionsgroup.com/sectors/legal

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