In the pink on National Kindness Day

13 November 2020

It’s National Kindness Day and we believe a little kindness goes a long way in the workplace. We thought we’d share something we do to reward hard work and dedication. Our suitably monikered ‘In the Pink’ award is made every month, and Alice is the latest recipient, winning the pink bubbly prize for her continuous enthusiasm and diligence.🍾

Alice is our Head of QA and has the unenviable job of telling the devs when their code is broken. 😬 Here she is sporting our colleague ‘Thank you card’ AR filter. To find out more about how AR filters and AR content can enhance your customer and colleague engagement, then do get in touch…but not before you hear from Alice!

Image from iOS"Hi, I’m Alice and I’m the Head of QA for Engage. My average day consists of checking the sprint board, chasing up devs on outstanding tickets and improving the test suite - There’s always stuff being added because we’re continuously improving and adding to areas of the app for better functionality and user experience. I have the job of testing any ticket that comes into QA, so I’m currently working on automation to make my job that bit easier.

My role involves telling the developers their code isn’t working as expected which is a little like telling a parent their child is ugly – it’s a very personal thing so you’ve got to have a little bit of tact which isn’t something my friends know me for 🤫

Our new release focuses mainly on social posting which is exciting - our colleagues and customers will now be able to follow people and comment or like their posts which is new for the Engage app and really puts us up there with other social platforms!

I’m chuffed to win the ‘In the Pink’ award this month and I can’t wait for our clients to see the new release and the hard work not just QA have put in but the whole team! In the meantime I can’t wait to get home tonight and share this bottle of bubbly with my mam!"


#employee engagement