Insurers, go compare this

21 September 2020

There are always a lot of parallels to draw on in this game. The challenge of effective cross-selling and developing an enduring, value-maximising customer relationship that the legal sector is dealing with, for example, certainly resonates with another of our markets, insurance.

The increase in comparison and switch sites and the decrease in ‘can’t be bothered to change’ inertia as customers get more savvy and more empowered has led to an increasingly frenetic market and a laserlike twin focus on retention and acquisition.

It also has insurers and brokers asking themselves if they are customer-centric enough, particularly when it comes to digital enablement. There are already customer apps in play – but they are largely transaction-oriented, lighting up around renewal time.

And while they certainly offer advantages over slogging through a website or a call centre, there’s a definite feeling that today’s consumer wants, in fact expects more of all its service providers.

Which is where a customer app predicated on engagement and experience comes in. Forget transactional, try transformative

Click on the image and take a look. How does this compare to what you can offer your customers?

Insurance customer WIIFM

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