Keeping it all together - 10 ways our employee app can help

10 September 2020

Working from home. Hybrid working. No-choice-but-to-come-in working. Plans to bring staff back. No plans to bring staff back. Split shifts, strict sanitising and no end in sight. It’s really tough.

The state of flux that currently characterises the ‘where, how and what’ of today’s workforce and workplace is hard on everyone – it’s putting unprecedented pressure on communications and internal operations and support frameworks, not to mention colleagues themselves.

The Engage employee app – deployable in one week across any smartphone or desktop – isn’t a silver bullet. But some of its features are golden.

Here’s just ten ways we can help in these challenging times:

  1. Single source of truth– It’s essential that everyone has one ‘go-to’ place which they can rely on for the latest news, information, policies, awareness videos etc. See the app as the essential workforce companion.

  2. AI-driven personal feed– Everyone can stay on top in real-time of the information that applies to them, and be made instantly aware of new resources and help coming on board.

  3. Push notifications– There’s going to be an on-going need to alert people to significant changes or time-sensitive developments. This can happen at a very granular level, allowing precise targeting of individuals and teams.

  4. Pinned posts– Don’t let the really important news drop down someone’s feed. Critical updates and advisory notices can be pinned and kept top of mind.

  5. Secure messaging– With more movement, staggered work patterns and likely increased redundancies, there will be a greater need to communicate effectively between groups – but with enterprise-grade security so that information stays safely within the corporate firewall – and well away from WhatsApp.

  6. Re-induction– You can provide a range of videos, guides, operating manuals and layouts/maps for staff to acquaint themselves with how their workplace is having to operate within government guidelines, how it will look physically, traffic flows, hygiene protocols, handling routines etc.

  7. Shift planning– Integrate rota systems and utilise group messaging to provide a unified interface for companies to manage complex shift and/or red/blue team requirements

    reach screens
  8. Onboarding– Inducting new team members remotely, without the benefit of that in-office ‘osmosis’ effect, needs a whole suite of support, from personalised videos and one-tap access to key materials to easy chats with new colleagues and rapid feedback mechanisms

  9. Support schemes – Helping people back into the workplace through cycle to work or flexible season ticket schemes can be surfaced through the app

  10. Staff wellbeing– Monitoring the wellbeing of your workforce should transcend Covid but health management is obviously critical – the app can facilitate self-reporting and provide appropriate resources, dedicated helplines and confidential advice.

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