Learning seen as logical gateway to colleague cultural transformation

08 April 2020

Engage Solutions Group is delighted to be working with the UK’s leading gifting and engagement company, Appreciate Group. Appreciate is currently embarked on a transformative business strategy with effective colleague collaboration and communication seen as pivotal to the success of its change effort and landing cultural change.


The contract win is one of several that have flowed from ESG’s recent alliance with learning and development specialist, Raise the Bar. ESG’s platform is the power behind Raise the Bar’s learning apps but user organisations can also tap into the additional functionality available, from messaging and NexGen intranet capabilities, through to rewards and surveys.

For Appreciate Group, it seemed like an obvious move to take its learning into a broader platform. Chief Transformation Officer, Gill Taylor explains:

“For where we are as a business now, with the vision we have, it’s a great fit. With our rebrand and HQ relocation complete, we’re now focused on improving communication, embedding our purpose, driving consistent behaviours and best practice across the Group, whilst retaining and investing in the best talent. Learning and development is a part of that, but this platform gives us so much more. With that in mind, we've named it 'Connect' for the opportunities we see to link up the way we work.

"We’re excited at the prospect of having this go-to place that everyone can access equally, that has a flow of ‘sticky’ relevant content, and a dynamic communication and messaging stream that’s informing and influencing colleagues every day.

"Engage Solutions have helped solve two problems for us - first, its granular analytics will allow us to properly measure the effectiveness of what we are doing in terms of culture; and secondly, it gives us the ability in time to remove multiple HR, comms and L&D solutions and consolidate around the one platform.”

ESG’s co-founder John Porter isn’t surprised that learning is emerging as a key entry point for colleague collaboration and communication: “It’s logical that organisations who are spending on skills and development are keen to invest in their workforces more broadly. Every piece of research highlights how engaged organisations are operationally more productive and profitable, and culturally more collegiate and healthy. And there’s an obvious attraction in having a mobile-first platform that lets you get to a state of highly effective colleague collaboration and communication so quickly and so easily.”


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