More to AR than fun filters

06 November 2020

Our digital effects team has been having a bit of fun lately with some cool AR filters for social. But there’s a serious side to it too because Engage is committed to championing the use of sophisticated augmented reality across the communications, marketing, and training arenas. It’s why we were one of the first developers to embed AR into our apps. It’s also why we've invested significantly in our own creative hub and digital effects expertise, so we could help clients leverage the tech across any number of use cases. It's a lot more than just filters.


If you just want to get a quick feel for where AR is at, this is an easy read backgrounder on the market - and we’re seeing traction in a number of industries cited there, including retail, automotive and manufacturing. Plus there's growing interest in the innovative use of AR within legal and professional and financial services, too, maybe not who you'd think of as being in the vanguard of trends - but some firms are already looking at how it can help drive both colleague and customer engagement.

Throughout 2021, we expect demand for AR creative services to build dramatically as companies and brands seek to differentiate and deliver a more immersive, info-taining experience. But in the meantime, if you do need some AR reindeer antlers or a shiny nose...

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