MOTO on road to engagement success

20 July 2018

Engage Solutions Group, the engagement technology specialist, has announced details of its latest contract win. Motorway services group Moto will deploy ESG’s market-leading Engage platform to underpin a major new internal communications and employee experience programme.

The solution is currently being rolled out across the company and is intended to improve communication and engagement with over 4500 employees who are dispersed across Moto’s 52 locations.

The platform enables employees to access everything they will ever need to know all in one place. This includes information relating to company updates, onboarding, pay and benefits, reward and recognition, learning and development and much, much more.    

Commenting on the project Louise Hughes, Moto’s HR director, said:

“Historically we’ve had to rely on Site General Managers cascading information down to their site teams and that has its obvious limitations. Up to now, we’ve not had a direct, no-filter, instant means of reaching all of our people and so at a stroke Engage has given us an amazingly powerful tool to enable us to achieve this. We are excited about the prospect of moving from written updates, which have previously had to be verbally cascaded, to video shorts via the app, as they are easy to do and are much more engaging for our teams. 

Beyond the comms, push and messaging capabilities we were also very drawn to the platform qualities of Engage. The ‘My Voice’ section will enable our people to ask us a question, send in a suggestion or report a concern as well as giving them the opportunity to complete a regular pulse survey. This will allow us to hear directly from our teams and to act on the feedback to make Moto an even better place to work. 

The ‘Thank you’ cards element helps encourage a culture of peer-to-peer recognition and the ‘Reward and Recognition’ section allows us to celebrate and share the success of some of the great talent that we employ.

 The platform allows us to make this an engagement journey and our managers are all really excited by the difference they believe this will make to business success.”

ESG’s CEO Phil Wedgwood believes the Moto deal is a good example of the new thinking around engagement: “If there’s one trend that’s emerged over the past year it’s this move away from the app culture as a cheap commodity quick-fix for the issues around distributed working. HRDs are now taking a much more strategic, much more pragmatic approach by trying to embed platforms that can deliver early wins - but create sustained value over time too. 

They have their priorities, and they also have their future ambitions for new functionality and system extensions - and in Engage they have a framework that supports both via a self-paced journey. So you lose none of the immediacy, impact and intuitive appeal of an app from a user perspective, whilst also securing the sort of rich extensible platform a business needs for sustained engagement success.”

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