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27 November 2019

If you didn’t catch Legal Technology Insider’s exclusive announcement on Monday, then let me bring you up to speed. I’m delighted to report that former LexisNexis, Advanced Legal and TRE sales head Peter Gill has joined the Engage team. Pete has come in as the MD of our newly created Professional Services division, which will be focused on delivering engagement technology and consulting into sectors such as legal, accountancy and insurance.PG red down

Having worked with Pete extensively when I was with Rekoop/Intapp I know that his character and his capabilities are a perfect fit and it’s a real nod to our ambition to have such an industry heavyweight join our growing team and help us progress our mission!

With our strong background in legal we have been very excited to bring some real innovation back into the market, and have enjoyed spending time recently taking soundings from firms as we fine-tune our offering. My colleague Phil Ashworth and I have long believed that our brand ofengagement thinking and technology could be a great fit for firms keen to power both internal/colleague and external/customer engagement.

For the past two years we have been investing heavily in building the team, a class-leading platform, and our own view on engagement strategy, taking our time to understand the dynamics of the modern workplace and workforce and the barriers to better engagement, experience, enablement and empowerment.

PW red up

Having now successfully worked with many leading brands in more distributed, non-desked sectors, it is with real excitement we come back into the more classically corporate environment at a time when engagement can offer so much - from ending the tyranny of the Inbox and the obsolescence of the intranet, to building supportive, productive cultures that help everyone thrive, to driving real differentiation in the client experience space.

We understand engagement. We know legal. We have proven solutions. And now we have Pete. Watch this space!

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