Engagement Success

You're looking after your work - now what about your people?

26 March 2020

So there's been a mass decamp from offices everywhere and no lack of advice on remote working, and suggestions, guidance and practical help on what to do, how to do it.

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Keeping your people going

25 March 2020

We know that organisations are turning to tools such as Teams and WhatsApp so they can keep work tasks and projects going - but what's going to keep your people going? There's never been a more ...

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A helping hand

24 March 2020

Like every other director of a UK business, I’m keeping a close watch on the rapidly developing Covid-19 situation and trying to make the right judgments for our staff, clients and suppliers.

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From your self-isolating correspondent

23 March 2020

Our very own John Porter has been self-isolating and he's come up with five top tips for keeping business, body and soul together.

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Predictable headline of the day – app usage up!

20 March 2020

Wow, another interesting week! We’ve been keeping a very close eye on app usage figures the past few days - while our engagement tech is already firmly embedded within organisations and in daily use ...

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Video: What colleague engagement is all about

20 March 2020

Let's hope connecting, helping and supporting the workforce stays the new normal

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Covid-19 - Business as usual

18 March 2020

Just to advise that for Engage Solutions Group it is very much business as usual. We remain fully operational, with sales, support and professional services now largely working remotely, and staying ...

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Together, apart

13 March 2020

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and the shimmer from the current viral gloom for law firms will surely be their greater preparedness for next time. We haven’t had a Business as ...

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In case of emergency, break...out your app

03 March 2020

There’s rarely a time when there isn’t an event in the news that highlights the need for an organisation to be agile. Currently it’s the threat of a pandemic but in the months and years prior we’ve ...

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