Engagement Success (4)

An every day matter

31 January 2022

We're a fortnight on from Blue Monday and now that the digital dust has settled on the PR whirlwind that tore through the media and social, we can reiterate what we said back then in our blog in the ...

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vocL launch speaks volumes for private digital spaces

25 January 2022

We’ve touched a few times recently on the growing trend amongst organisations to eschew public social media in favour of building their own private digital environments, creating and curating a safe ...

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Engaged in Conversation with... Mark Simester from Soreen

18 January 2022

The second of our Engaged in Conversation podcasts has gone live. In this episode, our CEO Phil Wedgwood talks to the Managing Director of Engage customer Soreen, Mark Simester, about how they think ...

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Two words for Blue Monday

17 January 2022

It’s Blue Monday! Yes, the day that some PR a few years back contrived to set up as the most depressing day of the year based on some nonsensical equation, and now the annual trigger for a tide of ...

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Ampa engages with rollout of new employee platform

10 January 2022

Leading legal and professional services group Ampa – which includes full-service law firm Shakespeare Martineau, consumer-focused law firm Lime Solicitors, planning and design consultancy Marrons ...

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Taking leave of social

25 November 2021

Back in March we published a blog commenting on a media story that some of the big content players on YouTube were tiring of the constraints of the platform and its overlords and were looking to ...

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A win-win for membership organisations

09 November 2021

Membership organisations – the business networks and trade federations, hobby and lifestyle groups, sporting and leisure associations - they all face a common twin challenge: how to deliver the sort ...

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Engaged in Conversation with...Richard Clark

12 October 2021

We're delighted to be launching a new podcast series - Engaged in Conversation. Each episode will feature Engage CEO Phil Wedgwood in conversation with a CEO drawn from our client base, informal, ...

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Midland Metro gets on board with Engage

08 October 2021

Engage Solutions Group has announced further success in the transport sector with Midland Metro rolling out its Engage-powered internal engagement app this autumn.

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First look: Taking community engagement to the next level

30 September 2021

We’re thrilled to be showcasing another of our engagement apps in our latest video – following on from colleague and customer, it’s the next C’s turn, community.

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