Engagement Success (8)

Staff engagement in the NHS - Part 1

27 January 2021

I once worked somewhere where we could hear little scratchy mice feet scampering along the ceiling panels above our desks day in day out. The overhead lights were full of mouse droppings. You’d tell ...

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A new year, the same catalysts for engagement tech?

22 January 2021

The recent lockdown announcement won’t have triggered the panicked response from business as it did in March – thought it probably prompted a few sighs of frustration as the slow return to normality ...

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Still successfully supporting change

18 January 2021

Engage has enjoyed a great relationship with Raise the Bar over the past 18 months. It’s our platform that underpins the app-based digital delivery of RTB’s learning programmes – including the unique ...

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Engagement a matter of principle for specialist insurance broker

13 January 2021

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced a further win in the insurance sector. Principal Insurance, one of the UK’s leading specialist brokers, is putting engagement at the heart of its growth ...

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Locked down but not out

08 January 2021

So Lockdown 3. Undeniably we are all better prepared – but that’s not necessarily the same as being better able to cope. New Years are stressors at the best of times – but having to endure another ...

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Teams is still not the horse for the engagement course

16 December 2020

One of my abiding memories from the weeks after the March lockdown was the near universal acclaim for Microsoft Teams. I had a lot of meetings with exec teams across a range of sectors exploring the ...

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B2B businesses looking to build customer engagement

14 December 2020

One of the trends we have seen in 2020 is a growing interest in customer engagement from B2B businesses. Take some of our clients in the building products manufacturing sector for example.

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Creative Carrie on MiMA 2021 shortlist

09 December 2020

We’re absolutely buzzing with the news that our creative lead Carrie Baldwinson has been shortlisted for the Made in Manchester Awards – MiMA 2021.  These recognise the best of Manchester’s young ...

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The art of engagement in the age of personalisation

01 December 2020

There was some interesting research from Google recently that looked at consumer behaviour around buying insurance, and what insurance in the digital age might look like.

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Apps are good...but pets are better

20 November 2020

Sometimes you have to give in gracefully. We know that our colleague app has been a great help over the past few months in keeping our clients’ workforces connected to their respective business and ...

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