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Predictable headline of the day – app usage up!

20 March 2020

Wow, another interesting week! We’ve been keeping a very close eye on app usage figures the past few days - while our engagement tech is already firmly embedded within organisations and in daily use by thousands, these are not normal times and we’ve been curious about how much of an uplift we’d see. Well I can tell you – this week’s daily average: 286% more interactions than our previous busiest ever day. (NB 100% uptime on our platform, just in case you were wondering😉)

Predictable blog imageThere’s obviously been a huge spike in comms, as companies put out a flow of updates and advisories – the pinned post function is proving popular. Interaction with document and policy repositories is also up in a big way and there’s been a lot of holiday requests being shuffled about. Those organisations that have wellbeing and mental health resources available via the app are also seeing new levels of demand.

And there are lots, and lots, and lots of messaging groups being set up – we’re a secure, compliant alternative to the likes of WhatsApp so you can understand why. And my favourite group, as told to me by a customer yesterday? The Humour Mill – a rapidly growing repository of very bad jokes apparently. Got to admire people's resilience in a crisis!

Here’s my contribution  -  https://youtu.be/13GTbEW0bco

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