Return and recovery: 12 ways the Engage app can help

13 May 2020

Managing the return to work for many organisations is going to be a huge challenge on so many fronts – communications, logistics, health and safety, training, wellbeing. At the top of the needs list is to be able to effectively ‘corral’ thousands of workers – ensuring everyone is on the same page and confident about what they need to do to get the job done safely.

As bosses get into planning mode, we thought it might be useful to highlight how the Engage employee app can help make a success not just of the return but the recovery too.


Here are 12 ways Engage can help in a socially distant working world:

1. Single source of truth – It’s essential that everyone has one ‘go-to’ place which they can rely on for the latest news, information, policies, awareness videos etc. See the app as the essential workforce companion.

2. Risk assessment – You can ensure direct access for all employees to the mandated risk assessment and the supporting rules and procedures governing safe, socially distanced working

3. Personal newsfeed – Everyone can stay on top in real-time of the information that applies to them, and be made instantly aware of new resources and help coming on board.

4. Push notifications – There’s going to be an on-going need to alert people to significant changes or time-sensitive developments. This can happen at a very granular level, allowing precise targeting of individuals and teams

5. Pinned posts – Don’t let the really important news drop down someone’s feed. Critical updates and advisory notices can be pinned and kept top of mind

6. Secure messaging – With more movement, staggered work patterns and likely increased redundancies, there will be a greater need to communicate effectively between groups – but with enterprise-grade security so that information stays safely within the corporate firewall

7. Re-induction – You can provide a range of videos, guides, operating manuals and layouts/maps for staff to acquaint themselves with how their workplace is going to operate within government guidelines, how it will look physically, traffic flows, hygiene protocols, handling routines etc

8. Shift planning – Integrate rota systems and utilise group messaging to provide a unified interface for companies to manage complex shift and/or red/blue team requirements

9. Cycle to work scheme – Rewards and incentives are baked into the app so employers can offer practical support to workers keen to return but looking at alternative transport options

10. Staff wellbeing – Monitoring the health and wellbeing of the workforce in all settings is part of government guidance. The app can facilitate the measurement of mood and the embedding of appropriate resources, dedicated helplines and confidential advice.

11. Pulse surveys – Staff confidence is everything if businesses are going to get fully on the road to recovery. It’s more essential than ever that leadership listens to concerns and feedback, and keeps taking the temperature of the workforce – metaphorically, if not literally!

12. Suggestions – Encourage contributions from the floor. They’ll be living this and seeing things that you might not be cognisant of, so champion ideas on how to improve the work experience and environment.

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