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vocL launch speaks volumes for private digital spaces

25 January 2022

We’ve touched a few times recently on the growing trend amongst organisations to eschew public social media in favour of building their own private digital environments, creating and curating a safe ...

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Taking leave of social

25 November 2021

Back in March we published a blog commenting on a media story that some of the big content players on YouTube were tiring of the constraints of the platform and its overlords and were looking to ...

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First look: Taking community engagement to the next level

30 September 2021

We’re thrilled to be showcasing another of our engagement apps in our latest video – following on from colleague and customer, it’s the next C’s turn, community.

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Bravo! Engage announces latest win for its community app

24 May 2021

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced a further client win, consolidating recent successes in the insurance sector. Bravo Networks, which through its distinct network membership brands of Broker ...

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Communities turning away from Big Tech

11 March 2021

An interesting article on the Beeb over the weekend –

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