The winner might be…

By: Marketing
20 November 2017

ESG is feeling very chuffed today. We’ve been confirmed as a finalist in the 2017 UK & European Employee Engagement Awards, going up against some stiff competition in the Employee Engagement Vendor of the Year category. We’ll have to wait till the New Year for the grand reveal though, with the black tie Awards Gala Dinner set for January 25th at Wembley Stadium.

We thought we’d share a snippet of our entry though as it provides an interesting insight into how we are evolving to serve our clients better. When asked how we are showing a spirit of innovation, we responded:

“We are choosing to focus our innovation efforts not just on the product but also on how we actually engage with clients at the outset to help them get their employee engagement efforts off on the right foot. Rather than just the increasingly common ‘download our app and off you go’ commodity-centric approach of some, we have opted to take more of a consultative lead.

That process starts with challenging our clients by asking them what success looks like to them: what quantitative and qualitative measures do they want to see as a result of deployment, what substantive measurable improvements do they want to see in what sort of timeframe, and, perhaps most critically, what sort of return of investment are they targeting.

We facilitate this process by working with them from the ground up: undertaking a comprehensive mapping exercise of all the issues that impact on engagement; using this discovery exercise to carefully align our solution – which while consumed as an app is actually delivered as a very powerful enterprise platform – to create an optimum fit for that organisation.

The final stage is then developing a joint business case with the project sponsor that can be taken to the board, with the lens focused very much on hard metrics and ROI.”

We know that this is absolutely the right way to go, and we don’t need an award for affirmation. That said, we’ll still be on tenterhooks waiting for that envelope to be opened…