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Under pressure – Seven stressors on the road to recovery

03 June 2020

As law firms start to think about the physical return to work and business recovery, I thought I’d just do a quick round-up of seven particular pressure points that keep coming up in chats, meetings, webinars etc, and that are exercising leadership as we move through the next phase of the pandemic.

One – “We need more on mobile”. There’s widespread recognition that the mass mobilisation of workers has been an incredible feat, with kudos to the IT staff who reacted so well. Plus fee earner work and effective collaboration has owed a lot to project tools like Microsoft Teams. But the passing weeks have also revealed that for many people ‘agility’ still has them tethered to their laptop, still reliant on email, still plugging into a static intranet. Expect more on mobile strategy in the weeks and months ahead.Stressor

Two – “There has to be a single source of truth”. The need to control the narrative, manage information flow, direct tailored messaging and keep people on side has shone a harsh light on firms’ ability to communicate to everyone quickly and easily, and to give staff the reassurance of a ‘go-to’ place for the latest news and directions. Myriad WhatsApp groups or unstructured chats in Teams are no answer – you need a trusted corporate channel that can get to everyone in a timely fashion.

Three – “Is our intranet really fit for purpose?”. It goes to the mobile point above. Some firms are definitely struggling to deliver on operational essentials because their intranet is old and static, and certainly not geared to enablement and self-service, or indeed pushing out key content at this critical time. Thoughts are turning to a genuine workplace companion, something accessible 24/7 across multiple devices.

Four – “How do we push out notifications to support business continuity planning?” If the VPN is down, what solution do we have in place that provides access to everybody in the firm?  There’s often the challenge that not everybody has a firm mobile device and not everybody has registered their personal mobile to receive messages.  The need to communicate with the whole firm or sub-groups has been highlighted, how can this be easily enabled to ensure everybody is on an alert list?

Five – “What are we going to do about onboarding?” A really regular lament, this one. New recruits are coming into a much altered business, and can’t expect the same sort of high touch induction experience now as previously. Interestingly though, Covid may just have hurried along change in this area as this is a topic that has been bubbling away for a while. Can we digitally pre-board people? Induct them via eclassrooms and video-based modules? Support their physical introduction with app-based maps and guidance? Survey feelings and sentiment and deliver ementorship?

Six – “Managing the health of the firm – literally and metaphorically”. Not so much about managing the public health aspects of the virus, but more about people’s individual well-being and the collective mood towards the business. Covid has placed unique stressors on the workforce and the workplace and monitoring how a firm rebuilds, keeping all its constituent people parts in tact, is a massive challenge.

Seven – “What will client engagement look like in the months to come?” There’s a natural concern that for all the regular interactions firms have with their clients – the calls, emails, video conferences – the limits on face-to-face meetings, on professional events, social occasions, all that classic in-person networking stuff, that those limits will impact relationships. Suddenly the touchpoints in between matters aren’t happening the way they used to, so firms and partners need to rethink how they manage the client lifecycle, how they strengthen the end-to-end relationship when some of its weapons of choice are no longer so freely available. 


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