Unlocking the secret of successful cross-selling in legal

By: Marketing
17 June 2020

Successful cross-selling has long been the Holy Grail for law firms. For years vendors have been pushing CRM solutions, and consultants have been arguing for behavioural and operational change programs. And yet here we are with firms confessing to matter one to matter two conversion rates as low as 5-10%. And as for matters three, four and beyond…

Why is it that the biggest single win in legal has proved so elusive? Partly because in the final analysis it has always come down to the lawyer to join the dots – the busy lawyer who is happy to field an enquiry and ‘close’ the sale but far less suited to making the connections and teeing up the opportunities. And partly because of law’s traditional focus on the matter, rather than the client, obsessing more about the moment-in-time transaction than the lifelong relationship.

So how about we change all that? Here’s a little taster of how.


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