Engagement Success

Video: Reaching and connecting in a socially distant world

29 April 2020

So we know that we're in this for a longer haul than originally expected. It's obvious that it's not just 'three months and we're done' although the planned reopening of Greggs stores gives that comforting waft of normality - even if they will have to widen the pavements to accommodate the queues. 

Truth is, we're all going to have to adapt and get comfortable with what's coming. And now more than ever businesses are going to need to step up and: a) bring their employees together, to get them fully plugged into the organisation however dislocated, disrupted and distributed that may be; b) give every colleague the means to take their workplace, workforce and work mates with them wherever and to feel connected and supported 24/7; c) provide an enriched environment, increased enablement and improved experience as a way of maintaining morale and sustaining culture; and d) leverage to the max those business gains that come from an engaged team

And how do they do this? By ruthlessly focussing on the five elements, set out in our REACH video below, that are the levers of employee engagement; understood well and used judiciously, they can transform performance, retention, productivity, the ability to embed operational change, service quality, and ultimately revenue improvement.

We're in a socially distant world for the foreseeable - time to keep your people close.


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